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Please join us and become part of the future of Forest Hill Library. A community-run library means just that, and we really need the support of our community to keep our library open seven days a week.

Please consider volunteering your time to help us run the library or to provide additional related services.

Please email: rota@fhlibrary.co.uk to register your interest.

We need to have two or three volunteers on at any one time, this helps us run the library smoothly and safely, but it does also mean we need an awful lot of people to keep a library open for sixty-six and a half hours a week! We operate on a shift basis, mornings (9am-1pm), afternoons (1pm-5pm) and, during weekdays, evenings (5pm-7.30pm). We are particularly keen on hearing from people who can do some of our harder-to-fill slots – Friday afternoon and Saturdays being the most tricky, with weekday evenings following close behind.

If you are a current volunteer and are not sure when your next shifts are, then please email rota@fhlibrary.co.uk

What are volunteers expected to do?

Many of the jobs that happen are the sort you might expect – returning books to the shelves, helping people look for books, or return or take out books. But it is not just about books, many library users never take a book out at all, there are lots of users who come in to use computers or attend children’s rhyme time or other functions and we need some volunteers who are interested in joining in with those aspects of library work too. Sometimes it is just about being there though, so that we can keep the doors open – in the first three weeks we opened we had volunteers from all sections of the community, from their early twenties to their mid eighties, all are welcome and useful!


“Doctor Who: You want weapons? We’re in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have. Arm yourself!” (from Tooth and Claw in Season 2) ― Russell T. Davies