Join the library, for access to books, computers, online services and more!

Follow the ‘join the library’ link at the top of this page  to start the sign up process, or visit your local Lewisham library branch for an application. You only need one card to use all the libraries in Lewisham, and it will also work in a number of other local authorities across London.

If you join online or in person you will need to provide some ID when you visit the library the first time in order to fully activate your card. You may not have more than one library card per person, if you are not sure if you have a Lewisham libraries card, or may have simply lost the old card, then pop into your library to discuss, we can possibly just issue you with a replacement there and then, but again, please bring some ID.

Suitable ID includes a photo driving licence, a bank statement or utility bill dated in the last three months, a council tax bill or statement for the current year, or, if you have recently moved, then a tenancy agreement or mortgage statement will suffice.

Children under 14 are required to have an adult card linked to their card, so if you are signing up children and you don’t have a card yourself, then you will need to join so we can attach children to your card. We do not expect you to have full ID as listed above for children.

Your library ID number will be printed on your card, and usually start B8029 or 0150 depending upon how new it is. There will also be a PIN number that you will need if you wish to access online services or use computers in the library. Please note that different libraries use slightly different systems for computer access, if you can not log on to a computer in the library, please speak to someone at the desk for assistance. Similarly, if you have forgotten your PIN, ask for assistance and we’ll help you locate it and re-set it if required. Never use the same PIN for your library card and other cards.

Your library card also allows you access to a number of online services, such as newspapers, magazines, audiobooks and ebooks. For more details see