The Forest Hill Community room, located at the back of the library lends itself to a wide range of activities. With a capacity of 16 persons seated, it is currently host to storytime sessions, craft and origami workshops, yoga classes, and more. Natural lighting from ceiling windows, air conditioning, and numerous computer, projector, and general electronic facilities, mean that the space is perfectly suited for a multitude of projects.

The community room is available throughout the week within library operating hours, with rates starting at £15/h for regular bookings.

The largest and most versatile of community spaces, however, can be found at Manor House Library. Featuring two conjoined meeting and events rooms, Room 1 and the Baring Room, at 38.8sqm and 47sqm respectively, these spaces have also been used for yoga and meditation classes, as well as a plethora of mental health, parenting, and welfare workshops. The facilities at Manor House are particularly unique as they can not only be hired for party events, but are also licensed for weddings. Situated on the second floor of Manor House with natural lighting let in by the large bay windows and a beautiful view of Manor Gardens, they are ideal for any kind of special occasion.

Rates for Room 1 are £30 an hour, discounted to £25 for regular booking, and £50 per hour or £280 per 8 hour day for the Baring Room. Special booking packages are available for weddings at £450 for both rooms for a half day, and party bookings at £250 per 3hour slot.

For more information and hiring inquiries please contact