Approaches to Creative Writing, a 7-week course

Mondays 5.00pm – 7.00pm

8 April 2024 – 3 June 2024 (no classes on 6 & 27 May due to Bank Holidays)

£114.47 for 7 week course


Learn about imagery, characterisation, ‘fantasy and transformation’, using the senses, fragmented writing and more. A series of seven classes to free your imagination and enrichen your prose, ready for the next two courses which will take you further into character development, using memoir and developing stories/novels.

Most sessions include excerpts from a range of relevant authors and a 20-25 minute writing exercise based on the theme of the week. There is plenty of time for students to read their work and discuss. Students with an existing project will be able to develop this, both in class and at home. Students without an existing project will be able to develop general creative writing skills. Students will be encouraged to share their own work and feedback on the work of others. Useful to both writers of literature and poets. Homework is given each week.

Featured authors include: Kei Miller, Tim Winton, Margaret Atwood, Rose Tremain, Carys Davis, Jo Shapcott, Joyce Carol Oates, Andrea Levy, Helen MacDonald, Tim O’Brien, Jeanette Winterson, Tricky, Tracey Emin and Melissa Harrison.

Becca Leathlean, the tutor, is an experienced writing teacher and working writer. She’s currently teaching at Sutton College, and contributes to The Guardian, Vinyl Factory and Sonic Street Technologies

I learnt about aspects of writing that I’d never considered before. As someone who has taken a lot of writing courses, I didn’t expect so much that was new.

Becca involved everyone and encouraged people to participate.

Tutor’s preparation really showed and was varied and thought-provoking.

Becca was very much a facilitator helping us discover and share creative expressions, very encouraging and sensitive to how much exposure people wanted to have to share their work.

It was a lovely group, which gelled more as the weeks progressed.

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