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The Friends Of Forest Hill Library

4H9A4300The Friends of Forest Hill Library group is a collective of people who want to support the library and recognise its place in the community, the importance of a good library service, and who value a wide range of facilities, groups and services that a well-run library can provide.

Before opening, we have had over 80 people volunteer to work in the library and the support of the community has been fantastic. By joining The Friends scheme you are directly contributing to the upkeep of the building and services. No money is wasted, every penny is invested in running the library. And not only can you feel good about supporting the library, you can also directly benefit from joining. All Friends will get a ‘Friends Card’ that they can then use in and around Forest Hill and get discounts on their everyday and luxury purchases. Coffee, meals out, gifts, holidays, haircuts – thanks to the generosity of the traders involved, it really won’t take you long to get your money back. So even if you’re not feeling altruistic, get a Friends card and it will pay dividends in the long run!

To learn more, and to purchase your Friend card please click here.


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