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Welcome to Forest Hill Library


Latest News

Since the 24th October 2016, Forest Hill Library has been run by a community body headed by V22, The Forest Hill Society and the Forest Hill Traders’ Association. We have made a few changes to the old council service, and have had some more changes forced upon us, but we’re continuing to grown and add new services we can. We now have a new phone number to, so please update your records to the new number – 020 8244 0634

If you are looking to renew books or reserve a title, you still need to do this through the arena interface on the Lewisham Libraries web site. Click here for book borrowing services for all Lewisham library card holders. You can also access loads of other services for FREE such as listening to audiobooks, reading magazines and newspapers online, downloading ebooks etc – click here to find out more about the 24 hour a day Lewisham eLibrary.


We raised over £10,000 with an online crowd-funder in the late Autumn in just over 8 weeks with an original target of just £6,000. So many thanks to those of you who bought items or simply donated, you have made a real difference. We now have a new computer system for users, with newer, faster PCs, a brand new printer, new operating systems and a new self booking system to speed up tasks and increase the capacity in the system.

New Beginnings

Forest Hill Library is a community-run library. The library is situated on Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill, in the South East London Borough of Lewisham. Like many local authorities, Lewisham Council have been under budgetary pressures and, after a long consultation process, decided not to close any of its libraries. Forest Hill was one of four libraries considered for transfer to the ‘community library model’. After a tender process we were delighted that our community partnership bid was approved by Mayor & Cabinet to manage the building and run the library in continued partnership with Lewisham Libraries.

A Community Partnership

The Forest Hill Library community bid was put together by V22 – the organisation which runs neighbouring Louise House; The Forest Hill Society – the main residents’ association in SE23; and The Forest Hill Traders’ Association – a local business forum. These three partners are working together to set up a fourth group: The Friends of Forest Hill Library. Thereafter these four organisations will form a management board to administer the best possible library service for the community.


Help us Build for the Future

Become a Friend of Forest Hill Library
The best way to support our library is to join the Friends of Forest Hill Library. For the equivalent of just £2.50 per month you can really help the library, help shape the future direction of the library, and benefit from a wide range of offers and discounts too. Click here for more information.

A community-run library means just that, and we really need the support of our community to keep our library great and to make it even better. Please consider volunteering your time to help us run the library or to provide additional related services. Click here for more information.

Keep talking to Us
Please do contact us if you have concerns about any aspect of the library services provided. We want to hear from you – good or bad – and if you think there is something you can offer in support then we would very much like to have that conversation too. Please note that this website is also brand new and you may experience some technical difficulties as we roll out functions. If you continue to experience problems with the website please let us know.

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